Oral Presentation

1. Presentation Time

  • Oral Presentation Time : 20 min.
  • Session Discussion : 10 min.
  • Due time is strongly encouraged.
  • Presentation material is to be concise, succinct, and clearly comprehensible.
  • We strongly recommend every presenter to contact the session chair well in advance, to discuss details that have not been clarified in this instruction, before the conference begins.

2. Presentation File

  • Presentation file should be prepared in MS-PowerPoint format in English.
  • If you use fonts other than standard Windows Office 2010, please bring the font files along with the presentation file.
  • Please bring your PowerPoint presentation file on USB memory stick and submit it to the staff of each presentation room at least15 minutes before each session starts. The operator will load the presentation files to the laptop PC.
  • We cannot guarantee all rooms are equipped with extra cables for laptops: some rooms only have PCs directly connected to beam projectors, while others provide with more flexibility. We are trying to install extra cables (VGA/HDMI) in as many rooms as possible, but currently we cannot guarantee for sure. In case you choose to use your MacBook for presentation, please bring your own adapter (we do not provide with Mac adapters), and please make sure if it works during the break before your session.